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How Dare the NAACP take a stand for equal rights!

Alveda King (niece to MLK) is enraged that the NAACP has broadened its mission statement to support the freedom to marry for all.  Alveda stated, “To equate homosexuality with race is to give a death sentence to civil rights, no one is making them sit in the back of the bus.” With all due respect, Ms. King, for the record, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) did not equate anything to “them!”  You are the one grabbing the race card, inserting that mistruth, and attempting to stir-up division!  Second Ms. King, please allow me a moment to school you a tad on our “bus.”

Hitler had special concentration camps and protocol for gays where he and his followers ordered and assigned them to the most difficult of all jobs. Twenty-four seven gays were taunted, tortured, prodded, poisoned, stripped, whipped, beaten, used as horrific disfiguring medical experiments, their fingernails pulled, they were starved, went days without water, and had thick splint-filled wooden sticks shoved into their anus and penis until the majority bled to death.

Unfortunately, not much has changed since.  All throughout history (including today) gays are taunted, teased, humiliated, tortured, mocked, ridiculed and murdered.  A recent article stated that in Iraq gay men’s anuses are super-glued while forced to drink diarrhea inducing liquid resulting in a very slow and painful death.  In Jamaica, there is government sanctioned brutal rape to “cure” lesbians.  In over 75 countries, gays are imprisoned should they simply live honestly.  Many that have (and continue to) assault and murder our gay brothers and sisters are repeatedly given an insignificant penalty or found “not guilty” and still today, we hear pastors, politicians, teachers and preachers condoning hatred and violence toward gays and lesbians with little to no concern, consideration or care.

Sadly, however, we do not need to look outside of our own back yard to see this type of repulsive abuse.  Every day across the U.S. gay couples and their houses are robbed, egged, vandalized, and burned by hate-motivated arsonists.  Every day gays are brutally beaten, sodomized, burned, mobbed, assaulted, bashed, intimidated and killed as acceptable “punishment” simply for the way they were born.  It was not that long ago here in the U.S. that gays were imprisoned, and while there, used as medical experiments.  Gays endured endless months of water torture and gruesome shock therapy to “cure” them.  Today every minute in our nation a crime is reported from a gay person being harassed, bashed, bullied, and often including death threats – and these are just the ones on record.  Incalculable acts of gay bashing are never reported due to shame, humiliation, and embarrassment, threats if they do, and the list goes on. Gay people cannot, to this day, peacefully walk in their (long awaited and much deserved) pride parades or get married without hearing insults, slander and verbal attacks from scores of deluded people with bullhorns. Trust me Ms. King, if we had a choice, we would happily sit in the back of the air-conditioned bus!

Lastly, Alveda, though your uncle may not have officially went on record supporting equal rights for his gay brothers and sisters, his wife (your aunt) Coretta has made it abundantly clear numerous times that they both believed in, and supported equal marriage for all!  Alveda I have a proposal.  How about instead of using your time, energy and money preventing loving, monogamous, faithful and devoted gay couples their civil right to legally marry, you put all of your time, money and energy into making your fourth one a success – deal?



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Marriage (Marriage equality for ALL)

Extending the legal and civil rights and responsibilities to all Americans is really a non-issue.  If you do not agree with same-sex marriage, don’t marry someone of the same sex!  As a school teacher, I don’t ever recall reading/citing the words…”with liberty and justice for ALL” and seeing the word, “except” anywhere.   Separate but equal has proven it does not, has not, and should not work!  We can not “eenie meenie miney moe” through our neighborhoods and point to who is allowed marriage or not.  For those who attempt to use the Bible to justify preventing same-gender marriage I caution you.  Many read the Bible more literally, others more metaphorically (or more emphasis on legalism rather than love), and both should be respected.  We however need to take cultural, as well as historical, perspectives into consideration when reading the Bible.  It is almost 2012 and we still do not know much about the gay gene/community/culture.  Two thousand years ago we lived in complete oblivian on the subject.  When you were found to be gay you were simply thrown in a brothel – no questions asked.  While in a brothel your choices were limited.  You slept with many and all and were labeled because of it.  A great informative book on being gay and the Bible is here http://www.cebiaz.com/book.pdf for you to read at your leisure.  As far as our constitution; yes our country was founded on Christianity – and the type of Christianity that possibly at the time did not include all families (I’m quite positive there were both gay and straight in attendance), however many would argue it was also found on slavery and without woman’s rights. We are a Nation however continually moving in the direction of justice and equality!

Lastly, if we want “traditional” marriage we must be careful using the Bible as a reference.  I will not get into the whole “Adam and Eve” theory as it was not about “marriage”, it was about companionship (I am speaking about a civil license).  In Biblical days men had multiple wives and usually treated them as property and baby bearers only.  Lot had sex with his daughters (or vice verse but irrelevant for the point).  We cannot use the Bible (or certain parts of it that are convenient) to set our moral compass with regards to one’s orientation, intimacy, or just certain relationships.  As a Christian and American, I am for equality, love, and acceptance for all human life.  God bless, see you in heaven.

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