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Gay Lives Matter


It takes a lot to disgust me now a days but the recent news from Philadelphia has done just that. Two gay-bashers (Philip Williams and Kevin Harrigan) savagely beat and name-called a couple simply for… well living.

One victim suffered facial injuries so severe that required him to have his jaw wired shut. The outcome: “plea deals which include probation and community service. No jail time.”

Where is the media? Where are the protests, riots and national outrage? Sadly there will not be much of anything simply because those injured and hospitalized were gay and gay lives don’t matter.

I am deeply saddened as the message Philadelphia sent is that gay people are second-class and all are free to tease, taunt, torment and injure with merely a slap on the wrist. What a horrible injustice and scary precedent. My heart bleeds for the victims.

Unfortunately however this doesn’t surprise me. Heinous acts like this are rampant but we rarely hear of them – as again – gay lives don’t matter. When zealots repeatedly scream phrases like “the gay agenda” as fear tactics gay people are simply walking targets.

I’ll let you in on a little secret. The gay agenda is…. are you ready…. that we are seen as equal. Until then these travesties will only continue until all politicians, all preachers, all sports figures, all friends and family boldly and courageously stand up and say, Gay Lives Matter!



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My “It Gets Better” Video


I am sickened by the harassment, taunting and teasing of our gay youth.  Of all gays actually but primarily our vulnerable gay youth.  After hearing of Jamey Rodemeyers suicide, I created my own “It Gets Better” video.

Although my lack of eye contact is distracting, let it not take away from the sincerity of my message.  God bless you.


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