Father’s/Fathers’ Day 2015


While bonding with my son over brownies it occurred to me that I know very little about fatherhood.  Aren’t we all just tall children trying to rid ourselves from the demons of our youth imparted from our parents who raised us while fighting their own?  As parents we do our best to undo all the extremism we were taught ultimately swinging the pendulum and leaving our children, and grandchildren etc., the same impossible task.

The responsibility of fatherhood is overwhelming.  After all my son must first see in me the God I am so earnestly teaching him to lean on and trust – now that’s a tall order!   I have, and will continue to, fail far more than succeed.  Maybe the best gift I can keep giving our son is simply me – renewed every morning.  After all isn’t one of the greatest presents we can give our children is…. our presence?!? Happy Happy Father’s/Fathers’ Day dads, and to all who take on this immeasurable responsibility.


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