And then there was four

My spouse and I spent a majority of the first half of this year working on getting certified as foster parents. There were back-to-back long classes, mountains of tedious paperwork, home-visits/studies etc., but in the end we were approved with flying colors.

The phone calls for placements started rolling-in and we carefully considered each opportunity. The first few calls we received unfortunately were not a perfect fit for our family but eventually decided to say yes to the last one – and in doing so – took in three siblings; two girls and a boy. While this particular placement is not permanent we hope a permanent opportunity comes our way very soon. For now we now have children in our home ages 3, 4, 5 and 6 (our son, Luke being the five year old).

The first week or so was quite chaotic as everything was new and different. These children had to adjust to completely new surroundings, expectations and freedoms, and at the same token, our family had considerable and ongoing adjustments.

I am thrilled to say the dust is settling nicely and our days are quite smooth. Here is Luke, and the middle sibling, preparing for bed  🙂


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