Yes that is Mississippi backward as that is precisely where they recently went.

Very sad/disheartening. This has absolutely nothing to do with churches as they are already exempt (albeit MANY churches joyfully marry loving gay couples).

This unnecessary “bill” is nothing less than a witch hunt, an allowance for business owners – businesses who are open to the PUBLIC – to eenie, meenie, miney, moe their customers. Hasn’t our country already made this mistake?!?
And lastly these “bills” do FAR more damage nation-wide/globally. When you put into law the notion that certain members of our country can be treated as second-class citizens you will certainly (and we have) see crimes against that community dramatically rise.
Unnecessary, sad, shameful, disgusting and all in the name of religion😦  Haven’t we embarrassed God enough?!?  Human rights are not an “issue” nor should they be up for debate.  They are simply equal legal rights for all humans.

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Study To Shew Thyself Approved

This short clip

is evidence that God still speaks through man.

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What bubbles?

You are looking at the stunned and silent (guilty) face of our son when asked if he poured all the bubble-bath into the tub!?!


His (eventual) response was, “What bubble-bath?”

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No Substitute For Experience

There is one candidate that deeply concerns me; Marco Rubio. His extreme hostility toward gay Americans saddens me. Not only does he want our community to continually be treated like second-class citizens but if he had it his way he would do whatever it took to eradicate us completely.

He has vowed to use tax-payers money (and his precious time as President) to overturn any law(s) that treat us equally. I find it terribly upsetting that he vowed to work hard overturning DADT. Thousands of gay Americans fight for his rights and freedom every day and he wants to strip those soldiers from their careers – how despicable.

He strongly opposes loving same-gender families from adopting and even helped raise money for conversion therapy. Believing that being gay is a choice clearly shows his lack of understanding/education on who we are, and our community.

I’ll end here for now but how hypocritical must one be to enjoy all the freedoms and equal treatment that his parents came to America searching for to gain citizenship and then turn around and use our system to take away freedoms and equal treatment from other Americans!?!

Because there is no substitute for experience I  wonder his reaction if he were the one in this video clip?


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Coffee…. 13 years later

Regardless if you are Rich, Poor, Black, White, Gay, Straight, Republican, Democrat, Christian, Atheist, Green or Brown-eyed, Left or Right handed – or anywhere in between – (healthy, happy, thriving) relationships/marriages take a lot of constant hard work and dedication.


 Happy thirteenth anniversary to my loving spouse, Eric  :)

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My Wish This Veteran’s Day


I served four years in the Army reserve, and another four in the Air Force reserve (they call us weekend warriors).  Certainly it was a lot of hard work (constant testing – both physically and mentally – to meet strict standards) and I sacrificed tremendously having to constantly leave home in order to fulfill  military orders of training and education above and beyond my weekend and summer obligations.

That being said I never fought in any wars (in fact I missed two by a matter of weeks) and always returned home relatively unscathed.

My heart bleeds for the hundreds that never return home; the thousands that do with missing limbs or suicidal, and the millions that return affected with everything from PTSD to simply struggling to get plugged back into their families and civilian life.

My wish and prayer this Veteran’s Day is that one day soon we will no longer see homeless veterans, veterans without the proper care they need and deserve, and jobs they can return to and be proud of!  I am forever grateful to all the heroes that served.  Happy Veteran’s Day!

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Gay Lives Matter


It takes a lot to disgust me now a days but the recent news from Philadelphia has done just that. Two gay-bashers (Philip Williams and Kevin Harrigan) savagely beat and name-called a couple simply for… well living.

One victim suffered facial injuries so severe that required him to have his jaw wired shut. The outcome: “plea deals which include probation and community service. No jail time.”

Where is the media? Where are the protests, riots and national outrage? Sadly there will not be much of anything simply because those injured and hospitalized were gay and gay lives don’t matter.

I am deeply saddened as the message Philadelphia sent is that gay people are second-class and all are free to tease, taunt, torment and injure with merely a slap on the wrist. What a horrible injustice and scary precedent. My heart bleeds for the victims.

Unfortunately however this doesn’t surprise me. Heinous acts like this are rampant but we rarely hear of them – as again – gay lives don’t matter. When zealots repeatedly scream phrases like “the gay agenda” as fear tactics gay people are simply walking targets.

I’ll let you in on a little secret. The gay agenda is…. are you ready…. that we are seen as equal. Until then these travesties will only continue until all politicians, all preachers, all sports figures, all friends and family boldly and courageously stand up and say, Gay Lives Matter!


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