Not the respectable way, Amber


Does this flag represent unity or division?

Although I have read the explanations I must say I am a bit saddened that Amber Hikes, from Philadelphia, decided to re-create a new Pride flag only to emphasize race. This extraneous change of positioning racial lines at the very top of the Pride flag took place just weeks after the originator of the Pride flag passed away.

The colors of their new flag now represent life, healing, sunlight, nature, harmony, peace, spirit and being black.  Yes, you read that last one correctly.  Now, one could argue it more-so represents the lack of inclusion, but that would be redundant as the Pride flag itself represents inclusion.

And no, I am not “part of the problem” or racist simply for having a differing opinion. Many in my circle are in/from the black community including my son. Regardless, disagreeing with the decisions of a select few does not equate to disliking an entire community so please put down the race card and continue to read.

And now we are inundated with twisted headlines such as, “New Pride flag angers white people” and “The outrage over the new flag proves the change was necessary” etc., This reminds me of a saying I once heard in church, “Satan likes to confuse people by mixing a little truth with lies.”

Yes, white people are angry – and rightfully so – but not for the reasons some are attempting to portray.  When Amber Hikes changed the Pride flag she in fact made a racial issue from something that had nothing to do with race and because of that people are angry.  Many on ALL sides are  (and should be) furious that she turned the Pride flag into a race matter, not just the white community.

When we hear people are angry over her unnecessary alteration it’s not because those people are racist.  On the contrary, it’s because she took the liberty to turn a unity flag into a racial issue. What Amber Hikes did was racist, not the backlash because of it. And if Ms. Hikes was looking for backlash perhaps her time and energy should have been centered on adding a rainbow to the BLM flag as there is far more work to be done regarding gaycism in the black community than there is racism in the gay community.

When you look at the gay community as a whole interracial couples are the norm and more received than any other community as we all understand the ugliness of discrimination.  Is racism/gaycism a national problem needing attention? Yes!  Unfortunately, racism/gaycism affects every community and we must all soul- search to become better/more inclusive human beings.  Pompously perverting a trailblazer’s original art, design, vision and meaning however, is (in my opinion) not the respectable way.  Click here for a much more eloquent and short clip

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