Yes that is Mississippi backward as that is precisely where they recently went.

Very sad/disheartening. This has absolutely nothing to do with churches as they are already exempt (albeit MANY churches joyfully marry loving gay couples).

This unnecessary “bill” is nothing less than a witch hunt, an allowance for business owners – businesses who are open to the PUBLIC – to eenie, meenie, miney, moe their customers. Hasn’t our country already made this mistake?!?
And lastly these “bills” do FAR more damage nation-wide/globally. When you put into law the notion that certain members of our country can be treated as second-class citizens you will certainly (and we have) see crimes against that community dramatically rise.
Unnecessary, sad, shameful, disgusting and all in the name of religion 😦  Haven’t we embarrassed God enough?!?  Human rights are not an “issue” nor should they be up for debate.  They are simply equal legal rights for all humans.

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