Christian, Father, Spouse, Entertainer, Advocate

I was born and raised in Upstate, NY the middle child of three.  I have an older brother and younger sister.  My parent’s were married at a very young age and quite fast leading to a disastrous home environment.  Their divorce dragged out for years and their hostility never stayed out of our conversation or relationships for long, ultimately affecting many relationships around them (primarily – sadly- their children).  I love all my family every day without hesitation, after all, they are humans with weaknesses like any other.  I truly believe life is ten percent what is handed to you, and ninety percent what you do with it.  I chose to be productive turning my childhood wounds into wisdom and also to encourage others who would benefit from changing their childhood internal dialogue.

My immediate and extended family were/are extremely religious (quasi spiritual).  Bible thumping often accompanied religious bullying.  Disappointingly my biological father chose to ex communicate with me and my family all the while using Bible verses to justify his detached behavior.  I can’t say that I blame any of them, after all, we are all a product of our own upbringing.  I, of course, refuse to repeat that behavior now a father myself however.  The constant contradiction of a loving God and condemning one (depending on the lesson I was supposed to be learning at the time) lead me on a life-long journey for spiritual guidance and answers.  Throughout my life I may have stepped off my spiritual path, but Jesus was NEVER far!

In my early twenties I joined the military – four years in the Army and another four in the Air force – after an honorable discharge from both services, I began writing about the injustice of DADT.  When I hear those such as Tony Perkins, Peter Sprigg etc. who never served yet attempt to speak on its protocol, I am more so angered over the twists and lies their followers hear them spew (and in the name of God) – I had enough Bible abuse to last a lifetime and detest seeing others having to endure it.

A few years later I moved to NYC where I pursued a career in the entertainment business (  I worked very hard modeling, acting, dancing, singing ( running from audition to performance like a headless chicken.  I loved what I did/accomplished but soon found myself in love, and engaged  After our wedding we moved to New Jersey, Georgia and now in Washington DC where I obtained a Masters degree in Education.  After teaching for a few years, we adopted a wonderful bundle of joy and now I am full-time Papa.  I am currently working on my first children’s book and periodically perform at local venues, as well as speak out for LGBT rights.

Spiritually speaking my life’s journey went from “Strict God” to “Quasi God” and finally to, “Loving God.”  I know that my family and I are often the only book on gay families people are reading so we try to follow Gods loving examples and talk minimally.  After all people are much more tuned in and moved by what you are doing and how you are living over what you are saying.

I work closely with the Human Rights Campaign and am  involved in GLSEN.  I am working very hard trying to make schools safer and transitioning from tolerating Gods gay children to celebrating them.  I recently uploaded an ‘It Gets Better” video in hopes to inspire those struggling with their orientation with little to no family support.  I have already heard from teens across the globe who state they have had similar childhoods and were inspired by my work and words.  I cannot describe the honor and joy I feel when receiving such emails.  I feel as if I am walking side by side with God helping Him do his work.  I am working hard today to give our children a better tomorrow.

Thank you for your time, I look forward to working with you.  God bless,

Jason J.

3 responses to “Christian, Father, Spouse, Entertainer, Advocate

  1. Jaimson

    I love you, you are an amazing person! One of the few that walks the footsteps you share!

  2. joelynch2014

    Hello Jason,

    I met you on JoeMyGod blog via a comment (Joe in PA).

    Amazing blog you have here! I enjoyed reading your posts, especially the “About” section. My partner had a similar childhood: fundamentalist parents that fought all the time. Hmmm. Connection? I came from a completely different household: parents were Catholic but not fanatics. They had a wonderful relationship with each other, and a wonderful relationship with their children, how lucky am I?

    I was so happy to hear you say that you wanted to break the cycle: and I know you will! If your writings are any indication.

    Good luck with your parenting, enjoy! Oh and enjoy DC, I lived there for about 20 years and LOVED it. I’m blissfully retired and living on a farm in Pennsylvania.

    Good luck to you and Eric (and Luke).

    Joe Lynch

    • I’m thrilled to have virtually met you and hope you’ll drop by often to read new posts. We too have moved and are now in upstate, N.Y. awaiting our second little one 🙂

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