Governor’s Executive Order

The Governor of New York, Governor Cuomo, recently issued an executive order which encourages businesses to work exclusively with businesses that have inclusive policies.

I was contacted and asked to make a statement regarding his executive order and within the hour (while our demanding toddler pulled at me non-stop) sent her the following;

As a person of faith, I prefer praying for our President rather than spreading discontent whether personally or on social media.  Having said that it is no secret this current administration is not friendly to the gay community. From immediately removing all inclusive pages on the White House website to his complete silence during Pride month (and the list goes on) our leader has, unfortunately, given a silent ok to opening the doors for a gaycist America.  After all, when our community and all of our contributions are not heard of, learned about or mentioned we become simply invisible.

Progress around basic civil rights can only be accomplished when everyone fights injustice.  It took civil-minded allies to help with those voting, riding the bus, and recently marrying.   We cannot and should not get complacent when our friends, neighbors and family members are treated differently.  I am pleased to hear of the Governer’s executive order as it sends a loud and clear message that NY has not, does not, and will not be silent when many are treated as second-class citizens.

I hope and pray this order has a ripple effect encouraging every state to do the same.  When reciting the pledge in school I don’t recall ending “with liberty and justice for some.”  Rather we all ended with “with liberty and justice for all.” As much as I am saddened that our president has ignored our wonderful community I am pleased with our governor’s passion for all to live and be treated equally including our community, the invisible minority.  

Ultimately, only a few sentences made the air but overall I am pleased with the short piece Short News Clip

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