Beauty And Deceit

So the Alabama-based Henagar Drive-in publicly stated they were not going to show “Beauty and the Beast” because, and I quote, “LeFou is sexually confused.”  Further they went on to say “If I can’t sit through a movie with God or Jesus sitting by me then I have no business showing it.”

Let me be the first to say congratulations, truly.  As a believer, I fully support following one’s faith, convictions and personal interpretations of the Bible without reservation. It is their theater and they are certainly entitled to play, or not play, what they choose end of story.

For me though, it’s not end of story when the message they’re attempting to send is harming and hurting an already targeted community.  Gay people are in no way confused.  What is confusing rather is this theater owner’s reasoning to “take a stand” against a film where one character (of hundreds) is simply living (as he was born no less).  First let me start by saying gay people are innately wired to be attracted to those of the same gender just as naturally as honey bees are biologically wired to make honey.  To call a gay person “confused” is not only completely untrue but also misleading to those that don’t understand (or do not care to understand) the spectrum of human sexuality and development.

Second I always find it sad – and a little hypocritical – when some members of the faith community “take a stand” regarding two loving/consenting adults who happen to have the same chromosomes yet choose to wear blinders in all other areas where the Bible is far more clear.  While I do not know what past movies the Henagar Drive-in played (as they have recently removed their Facebook page that would have their previous line-up on record) I know of several other theaters that have no problem showing violent, sexually provocative movies, and movies where content is explicitly against biblical standards but “take a stand” – and a very vocal one I may add – when it comes to same gender love.

There are many non-believers in the world and as Christians we are to share the gospel of Jesus Christ and how ALL are welcome to the banquet table. Christ Himself never spoke a word against the gay community and there were plenty of gay people around in His day.   Further, He stood up for the marginalized and devoted His life to challenging His followers to see and search deeper in that which we may not understand.  And most important of all Jesus walked, talked, breathed and lived love.  I find it disheartening that some choose to fight the very thing Jesus emphasized and ultimately was crucified for; love – even if that picture of love is not our personal ideal.

The operators of this drive-in stated they are “first and foremost Christians and will not compromise on what the Bible teaches.” I guess my question to them would be; what lessons of Christ and the Bible are most important to you?


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