Will Empathy Trump Trump

As a rule of thumb, I believe topics such as religion, politics, relationships and money should stay far away from social media. After all, very few are interested in others personal opinions on such private and intimate subjects. However, I see nothing wrong with respectful viewpoints so on behalf of the countless voiceless youth across the nation and globe here are my thoughts on this emotionally charged day – for all sides.

I will not mock, disrespect or talk bad about our new President. As a matter of fact, I will do my best to support and help him succeed as I have all of our elected leaders in the past. I do not have to like, love or emulate him but I do feel as if it’s my Christian duty to pray for, and stand by him. After all he is now our President and if he fails we all fail.

Having said that I am deeply concerned for my gay brothers and sisters. Unlike other marginalized communities we do not have state and federal laws in place to protect us. We do not have gay history taught in our schools to let the masses know what we have suffered, or the tremendous and brilliant contributions our community has made (speaking of which the mere fact you are reading this on some type of computer is because of a gay person, Mr. Alan Turing).

We can still be fired in numerous states merely for talking about our families to our co-workers. From housing to education (the list is endless) our community, and families, are sitting ducks.

What bright and promising future lies ahead for our young children who happen to be gay and live in a world where their equal rights and treatment are sub-par? What message of unity and celebration does this current cabinet send to other countries who treat their gay citizens so horribly that many would de-friend me if I went into detail on what they do to them?!?

So again, I will pray for our President (and most certainly his cabinet) that, among other things, will serve and protect ALL American families and strive to fight for unity, fairness and equality. I urge all that are reading this to do the same.

I know I may have offended some of you (on both sides). I ask that you tolerate this one and only political (social) post just as I have tolerated many of yours for months now. And lastly please know regardless of who you voted for I still love, respect and want to stay connected with you   🙂  historicdiscrimination

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