This Christmas….

Christmas, for many of us, is the season of celebrating the joyous miracle of Jesus’ birth.  He is a gift to believers and the ultimate Father.   So I thought it was appropriate to post a poem given to us by a lady at church following the birth of our recent gift, our daughter. She handed me the poem saying, “God put it on my heart to give this to you.”

To Be A Daddy

To be a Daddy is to know

how tiny baby kittens grow,

how cherries change to cherry pie,

how snowflakes get into the sky.

To be a daddy is to show

how shoestrings can become a bow,

how pencil lines become a letter,

how kisses make a bee sting better.

To be a daddy is to grow

a little like a child… and so –

to be a daddy is to share,

to think that fishing might be fun,

to let the window flow through his/her hair,

to guess at riddles, giggle, run,

to make a snowman, wade through mud,

and gently hold an opening bud.

To be a daddy is to sow

a seed of love then watch it grow.

To be a daddy is to live

the sweetest dream that God can give.

May you have a very Merry Christmas and wonderful New Year!


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