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No Substitute For Experience

There is one candidate that deeply concerns me; Marco Rubio. His extreme hostility toward gay Americans saddens me. Not only does he want our community to continually be treated like second-class citizens but if he had it his way he would do whatever it took to eradicate us completely.

He has vowed to use tax-payers money (and his precious time as President) to overturn any law(s) that treat us equally. I find it terribly upsetting that he vowed to work hard overturning DADT. Thousands of gay Americans fight for his rights and freedom every day and he wants to strip those soldiers from their careers – how despicable.

He strongly opposes loving same-gender families from adopting and even helped raise money for conversion therapy. Believing that being gay is a choice clearly shows his lack of understanding/education on who we are, and our community.

I’ll end here for now but how hypocritical must one be to enjoy all the freedoms and equal treatment that his parents came to America searching for to gain citizenship and then turn around and use our system to take away freedoms and equal treatment from other Americans!?!

Because there is no substitute for experience I  wonder his reaction if he were the one in this video clip?


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Sports; No woman, no blacks and now no Gays

I was about to post my thoughts regarding Michael Sam when a blog-follower sent me this video. I was touched by his eloquence and progressive understanding of humans (especially from a generation where gay discrimination was completely acceptable) that I decided posting it would fare far better. Enjoy and God bless.

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February 12, 2014 · 7:54 pm

Duck Dynasty

I fought fervently to stay out of this nonsensical debacle however after a whirlwind of input requests decided to oblige my devotees – half joke, of course.

All jokes aside; you cannot bash and trash a minority group and then hide behind the cover of religion (done so many times in the past) and expect to keep a public position. Have we learned nothing from Paula Deen!?!  Phil Robertson was rightfully fired from A&E. And last I knew Phil Robertson is still a free man so those throwing the first amendment phrase around like a volley-ball need to take pause.

Phil Robertson did not kindly state his personal biblical interpretation of gay people and opposition of gay marriage and simply get fired (as we often hear on Fox ruse). Like all extremists his vile attacks and lies were offensive and damaging “Start with homosexual behavior and just morph out from there. Bestiality, sleeping around with this woman and that woman and that woman and those men.” I would be deeply saddened to have my son read or hear these statements made about his dads.

I do believe in the first amendment and freedom of speech. I do not however believe freedom of speech equates to freedom from consequence. I am a public educator and can pretty much say anything I want to my students without getting arrested. That does not mean, however, that I will not get fired for doing so.


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Just live

I have a degree in teaching and theater, and a few credits shy of another in psychology.  What does this mean?  Well, it means I take great pleasure in sharing information, and often while doing so, it is with deep conviction, passion, depth, intensity and always theatrical flair.  This is fine and dandy in the right setting(s) however, in others, it can very easily annoy, discourage and irritate those around me.

When I came out to my family, I gave them little time to process my news.  Any questions or concerns from anyone were met with Shakespearean scorn.   I also made it my mission to email, mail, and mention every blog, every book, every television show and every cd or internet link about being gay and Christian.   Not one phone conversation ended without being rerouted to talk about my being gay and saved.  The years went on and my determination and momentum never slowed.  My family (immediate and extended) was constantly inundated with gay-related conversations, gay-related links, gay-related literature, gay-related anything and everything and I was not satisfied unless all were in complete agreement with me.  In retrospect, I was nothing less than a bully.  I honestly do not think that much of anything I ever said or sent was even remotely listened to or read.  Moreover, I am rather confident I pushed people away and jeopardized both my respect, as well as, relationships with many near and dear.

One Sunday our preacher gave the most beautiful sermon about how God overwhelmingly loves all of His children (every race, every orientation, every gender etc.) and blessed their lives.  I could not fully enjoy the service because the entire time I was so excited and fixated on all the family members that were going to get a copy of this message and be completely transformed.  As soon as possible, I attained a copy of the message and for the next several weeks did nothing but burn cd after cd.  I purchased CD envelopes and gathered all my families’ addresses (I have well over one hundred first cousins so this was a very time-consuming and laborious process).  I was on a mission; this was going to be life-changing and how exciting when the veil of ignorance finally lifts from my family’s eyes and revelation saturates hearts and minds.

The day came when my huge box of copied and addressed CDs were ready to be delivered.  I prayed the usual prayer over them that I have the last decade or so.  This time, however, I felt something very different.  I had a profoundly unsettling feeling in my spirit.  I could not quite put my finger on the awkward sensation in my soul but it was then I heard and felt the Lords soft and gentle voice.  “You have done it your way for years; now I want you to do it mine!”  Don’t send the cd’s I thought/asked?!?  Certainly, this could not be God because this was the great information my family so desperately needed to hear and was going to be life-changing for them.  I immediately began rebuking Satan to stop taunting me.  God’s words, however, continued to play over and over in my mind and wrestle my will.  I eventually asked, “Well God, what is your way?”  As long as I shall live, I will never forget the two words that literally changed my life; “Just live!”  I sat motionless for a few moments staring at the wall dazed at the profound words that just repositioned my life.  I slowly slid the box of cd’s under my bed and silently wept. I cried thinking of all the time wasted and relationships damaged simply because I chose to do things my way and not seek Gods.

As I lay in bed I recalled something I heard in church as a little boy.  I heard, “you are often the only Bible people are reading.”  I remember thinking at the time that the statement was pretty reflective and weighty.  As professing Christians we are constantly watched, judged, and assessed in everything we do and say.  It is important to ask yourself periodically “when people watch me, what type of Christ are they seeing, and is it a reflection of the true Christ?”

To this day, I still have my box of cd’s, yet I do what I was advised.  I just live!  Not only is my life far more peaceful, but I know I have won many hearts to God and opened many an eye to the truth that He does, in fact, have and love His gay children.

Every person and life is unique, and each of us with an individual calling.  Some of us are singers, politicians, etc., who spread the equality message globally.  Some have other platforms that God uses to share his enduring love of inclusion including those like me who were chosen to “just live.” Pebbles make mountains and raindrops make seas.  All we may see at times is the small ripple we make in the water but we forget that Gods message is riding on those eventual immeasurable waves.  What Bible is being read when others watch you?  God bless you, today and always.

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3 MUST SEE Videos

Out of the 16 Zillion videos out there, I narrowed them down to three that are very much worth your time.  If, after viewing, you do not feel as if you have been completely enlightened I will fully refund your money.  Just kidding.  In all seriousness, these videos are, at the very least, beyond thought-provoking.  God bless you

1) Mathew Vines is a young gay christian from middle america who God is using to shed light on this often dark and immoral world.  He brilliantly breaks down the 6 (often used) clobber passages in a very eloquent, detail-oriented, easy to understand and spiritually lead power-point conversation.  

2)   I could not recommend this next video more.  Dan Savage (syndicated columnist) and Brian Brown (president of National Organization for Marriage) very respectfully, intelligently and intellectually exchange their views regarding the freedom to marry.  This debate takes you on an eye-opening historical, spiritual, biblical and personal journey.   This is an absolute must watch for every American.  After watching, please share it with friends and family.  God bless you

3) Gay Christian Mathew Vines impeccably and concisely breaks down the 6/7 debatable clobber passages

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