The Value of Doing Things God’s Way

Recently I was interviewed by Brian Peyton Joyner (Click Here To Listen) on bridging the gap between non-believers in the gay community and those that embrace a more literalistic interpretation of the word and do not hear God’s loving voice of inclusion.

At one point in our chat, I mentioned going out clubbing at the age of fourteen.  Just to clarify I had my cousins I.D. who, at that time, was nineteen and one could enter clubs to dance at 18. Enjoy the podcast and please feel free to leave your thoughts. (Click Here To Listen)

One last point.  After listening to the podcast, there are some things I would have responded to slightly different. One thing I would change for certain is, when asked about my confidence, I wish I would have responded with something along the lines of, “at a young age I realized that Jesus is steadfast in His word and never changes.  How He sees His children is uncompromising and unwavering. It is us who decide whether to deviate or step off His path or even question His love, devotion or investment.  Jesus is the same today, tomorrow and forever.  If we align who we are in Christ we have nothing else but to be confident.”  Click Here To Listen




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