This Christmas….

Christmas, for many of us, is the season of celebrating the joyous miracle of Jesus’ birth.  He is a gift to believers and the ultimate Father.   So I thought it was appropriate to post a poem given to us by a lady at church following the birth of our recent gift, our daughter. She handed me the poem saying, “God put it on my heart to give this to you.”

To Be A Daddy

To be a Daddy is to know

how tiny baby kittens grow,

how cherries change to cherry pie,

how snowflakes get into the sky.

To be a daddy is to show

how shoestrings can become a bow,

how pencil lines become a letter,

how kisses make a bee sting better.

To be a daddy is to grow

a little like a child… and so –

to be a daddy is to share,

to think that fishing might be fun,

to let the window flow through his/her hair,

to guess at riddles, giggle, run,

to make a snowman, wade through mud,

and gently hold an opening bud.

To be a daddy is to sow

a seed of love then watch it grow.

To be a daddy is to live

the sweetest dream that God can give.

May you have a very Merry Christmas and wonderful New Year!



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Our family is complete

Ever since I was a little boy I wanted a son and daughter.  My wish and prayer was to have a son and name him Luke, and a daughter and name her Sylvia.  It’s absolutely remarkable, and truly amazing, to sit back and see years of your prayers answered.

When our son turned three we thought it was time to expand our family and give him a sibling.  We signed on with an adoption agency and waited with anticipation.  After a year went by we re-assessed and ultimately decided to stay with our agency but also take foster-to-adopt classes through our county simply to give us more options.

Foster-to-adopt classes were intense at times – especially having to find a sitter for our son and navigate the mountain of paperwork all while juggling our home, busy schedule, career etc., Ultimately, however, we were certified and ready to roll within a few months.  Within a few weeks we received a call for a baby girl.  Without hesitation we rushed to the hospital to see our little blessing.  She was born September 3rd and weighed all of five pounds. With pure delight we held, fed and changed this precious blessing. Shortly after, we took her home (and went crazy shopping but that’s another post).

We were informed that bio mom stated she was willing to sign a surrender and court was in a week and a half.  After a surrender was signed we could then start the adoption process. Our court date was held the following Friday at 10am. We arrived at court around 9:15 and began combing through our paperwork. Around 9:45 all attorneys, guardians, social workers, etc., started filing-in. Ten o’clock came and went, ten fifteen, ten thirty and finally around 10:45 the court secretary called bio mom to see if she intended on coming. By this time our heart beats were speeding with anticipation.

The courtroom phone was on speaker and the woman who answered was not the voice we expected. It was a very sweet, loving, intelligent and apologetic young lady. She explained the mix up and then shared that she in fact would be happy to come but didn’t have a ride. We all offered to pick her up, give her cab money etc., but ultimately a social worker went and brought her to the courthouse – and she was tremendously appreciative.

I was overwhelmed with excitement to see such a beautiful, vivacious, intelligent, loving, compassionate, and well-spoken young lady walk into the courtroom. She first briefly spoke with her attorney and then asked if she could have a word with the foster parents before signing any court documents. Eric and I agreed and all three of us walked into an adjoining room to talk.

In a loving and polite tone, she went on and on about how much she appreciated our stepping up and how thrilled she was to hear Sylvia Evette was in our care. We had many questions for her from her own background to the bio dad.  She even shared she was Filipino and Irish which was a pleasant surprise given our own backgrounds. We asked her if she had any questions for us and the only question she asked is “what did you name the baby?” When we ended our talk she affectionately informed us that after court she would not contact or bother our family in any way, but that she would always be available to us if we, or Sylvia, had any questions at any time or for any reason.

We went into court where we all happily signed all necessary documents. As life would have it she needed a ride home so we asked the judge if it would be a conflict of interest if we took her. The ride was wonderful as we were able to have a more in-depth heart-to-heart and get to know this wonderful woman who blessed us with a daughter and Luke with a sister. We arrived at her door-step and with one last hug, exchange of thank you’s and tears, she exited our car.


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And then there was four

My spouse and I spent a majority of the first half of this year working on getting certified as foster parents. There were back-to-back long classes, mountains of tedious paperwork, home-visits/studies etc., but in the end we were approved with flying colors.

The phone calls for placements started rolling-in and we carefully considered each opportunity. The first few calls we received unfortunately were not a perfect fit for our family but eventually decided to say yes to the last one – and in doing so – took in three siblings; two girls and a boy. While this particular placement is not permanent we hope a permanent opportunity comes our way very soon. For now we now have children in our home ages 3, 4, 5 and 6 (our son, Luke being the five year old).

The first week or so was quite chaotic as everything was new and different. These children had to adjust to completely new surroundings, expectations and freedoms, and at the same token, our family had considerable and ongoing adjustments.

I am thrilled to say the dust is settling nicely and our days are quite smooth. Here is Luke, and the middle sibling, preparing for bed  🙂


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Send In The Clowns

I’ve always loved Broadway tunes because each song takes both performer and audience member on an emotional journey filled with an assortment of sensations. I have experienced musicals that have left me elated for hours.  I have also wandered out of musical theaters overcome with emotions, completely moved, and virtually speechless for days.

Send In The Clowns from “A Little Night Music” is one of those show-tunes that takes both performer and listener on an intensely passionate roller-coaster of reactions.  It is a brilliantly written piece incorporating both satire and despair.  Throw in a little humor, add some regret and end with a little hope, and there you have Send In The Clowns.

Unless performed by broadways elitist one can never do this song justice.  However, here is my attempt at this masterfully written piece.


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Happy 5th to our son


Happy Happy 5th Birthday to our gift in life.  Well technically not until 9:05pm tonight  🙂

It was early May of 2011 we were chosen to adopt this beautiful boy.  A few weeks after that life-changing news I obtained my graduate degree.  A few weeks after receiving my diploma we went on a cruise to Mexico.  A few weeks after Mexico I halted my teaching career after teaching one last summer school.  A few weeks after summer school ended we were cutting Luke’s cord and holding our first-born in the hospital.

Luke you were a whirlwind then, and five years later, you are still a whirlwind lol.  Happy Happy Birthday our son who makes everything in life bigger, better and brighter!

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America Is Humiliated


I have never felt ashamed to be an American but I have to say I am currently humiliated by the behavior in our country.

America we can and must do better!

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Here and Now

I was asked to sing Here and Now (an 80’s song by Luther Vandross) at a friend’s wedding and instead of posting a long/boring video of me standing there singing decided to create a picture collage of her beautiful day.

Here and Now


Click here –> Here and Now <– for wedding slide show  🙂



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